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HVAC Installations in Okotoks and the Nearby Areas

When selling and servicing home appliances and HVAC in the Foothills, you cannot take G.M. Mechanical for granted! From home heating and cooling systems installations or servicing to electrical troubleshooting, water tank maintenance, and many other appliance restorations, G.M. Mechanical offers the largest “Service Department” between Calgary and Lethbridge. If you are uncertain about the performance of your appliances, you can schedule regular maintenance calls with us for timely and routine inspections through an annual maintenance contract.


Please contact us if you're interested in HVAC Installations in Okotoks and the surrounding areas. We invite you to learn more about our maintenance program.

Furnace Repair

Are the winter months taking a toll on your home heating? Get your underperforming home heating systems restored to maximum efficiency today!


Although G.M. Mechanical will work on any brand, we are a premier Lennox dealer and also a dealer in Carrier, Napoleon, and Armstrong Furnaces. Our service staff is always there to serve you. Contact us for furnace repairs.

Furnace Replacement

If your furnace is not providing the heating levels that it once did, it could mean a number of issues, from electrical components to heating element coil failure. Contact us for a complete furnace replacement.

Boiler Systems

Outdated boiler systems may be in need of replacement or servicing when they get rusty, via a faulty thermostat, or due to electrical issues, gas leakages, or frozen pipes that may be hindering the flow of water. For any troubleshooting for your boiler systems, get in touch with G.M. Mechanical today.


Get your cozy and comfortable corner at home with our modern and affordable fireplaces in the Foothills. We have superior, solid body burner systems by Napoleon that are highly heat-efficient. Get in touch for gas stoves, fireplaces, and gas inserts.

Garage/Shop Heaters

From fan-less radiant garage heaters to forced air heaters, at G.M. Mechanical, you will find the right choice to maintain consistent warmth in your garage or shop or commercial establishment. Contact us for garage/shop heaters today. 

Air Conditioners

Get the comfort of maximum home cooling with easy airflow that cools to chill. With our superior Lennox range of air conditioners, you will get consistent cooling across your space. Get in touch for air conditioning needs in the Foothills.

Ductless Mini-Splits

Where extending or installing duct-work is not possible, we offer professional cooling solutions from Lennox through the ductless mini-split series of air conditioners for maximum cooling in a smaller space.

Indoor Air Quality

If you are in the market for an optimal indoor air quality product for your family’s health, look no further than G.M. Mechanical. We have the latest indoor air filtration, and our indoor air quality systems are compatible with any HVAC system.

Electrical Services

Get the right advice for your home's electrical and wiring issues, load management, and appliance servicing. Our trained electrical experts are at your service round the clock and for emergencies.


Make plumbing issues a thing of the past with emergency plumbing at your service in the Foothills from G.M. Mechanical. Give us a call for any and all plumbing issues.

Wells/Water Conditioning

Convert hard water into soft water, with advanced filtration, to reduce wear and tear on your appliances. With G.M. Mechanical’s expertise at your service, we offer total water conditioning services with water softeners, water filtration systems, reverse osmosis systems, and more!

Hydronic/Water Heating

Get ready for the cold winters with your toasty water heater. Choose from our wide selection of water heaters, including tankless, hybrid, and high-efficiency tank water heaters. Our skilled plumbers are on call 24/7.



The following are frequently asked questions about our HVAC installations in Okotoks:

  • Tips and hints from G.M. Mechanical!
    Water heaters are being hit hard with tariffs right now to the point where if you have a Power, Direct-Vent water tank, the unit is of a comparable cost to a tankless water heater. The only thing is, with a tankless water heater, you can still get up to a $1000.00 rebate from the Alberta government. If you don’t have a/c and want to keep your house cool, keep your blinds closed during the day, open the windows at night to help your house cool down. Also, run your furnace fan to help circulate air from the basement to the rest of the house. If you got a new furnace after the flood, your warranty might be running out this year. Book a Maintenance service call to potentially spot any issues before the parts are no longer under warranty! One way to check for water leaks is to watch your water meter. There should be no movement over 2 hours of no water use. Irrigation systems and lawn services usually leak water into/onto the ground, but over a 24 hr period can amount to a lot of water wasted. Irrigation lines should be blown out and air tested every year (usually in the fall). And lastly… please change your furnace filters often if you are completing a summer home renovation project. Drywall dust and other construction dust can wreak havoc on a furnace when it comes time to start again in the fall! As always, if you have any questions or need our help, please call G.M. Mechanical at 403-652-1282 or visit www.gmmech.net.

Round-the-Clock Electrical, Plumbing, and HVAC Services in the Foothills

Get in touch for expert servicing of your home's mechanical equipment today.

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