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Furnace Repair by Professionals in Okotoks

Reliable Furnace Repair by Our Heating and Cooling Experts in Okotoks!

G.M. Mechanical can help ensure your heating system is operating at its best with our state-of-the-art furnace repairs and services in Okotoks. We service all makes and models with the utmost attention. All our technicians are trained to service, repair and install all furnaces available in the market. We are the authorized dealers for a number of trusted brands in the market like Lennox, Carrier, and Armstrong and are fully equipped to handle servicing of all the latest models. From installations to repairs and replacements, you are covered by our top-class workmanship and friendly and professional service all through the year. Get in touch with our team of experts and get your system functions efficiently and effectively!

Our Commitment

Trusted in the Foothills since 1991, you do not have to worry about the quality of parts with G. M. Mechanical. We provide genuine parts and services for all types and brands of essential home appliances. Our warehouse is large enough to stock a large inventory of high-quality parts and equipment. Our team is skilled and knowledgeable, our service is prompt and reliable and several items are often stocked for same-day repair. Besides residential repairs and services of HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems, we also provide the same for commercial establishments of all sizes.

If you got a new furnace after the flood, your warranty might be running out this year. Book a maintenance service with our experts to spot any potential issues before the parts are no longer under warranty. You can browse through our blog for more information about our work and quick tips to help improve your quality of living.

  • Tips and hints from G.M. Mechanical!
    Water heaters are being hit hard with tariffs right now to the point where if you have a Power, Direct-Vent water tank, the unit is of a comparable cost to a tankless water heater. The only thing is, with a tankless water heater, you can still get up to a $1000.00 rebate from the Alberta government. If you don’t have a/c and want to keep your house cool, keep your blinds closed during the day, open the windows at night to help your house cool down. Also, run your furnace fan to help circulate air from the basement to the rest of the house. If you got a new furnace after the flood, your warranty might be running out this year. Book a Maintenance service call to potentially spot any issues before the parts are no longer under warranty! One way to check for water leaks is to watch your water meter. There should be no movement over 2 hours of no water use. Irrigation systems and lawn services usually leak water into/onto the ground, but over a 24 hr period can amount to a lot of water wasted. Irrigation lines should be blown out and air tested every year (usually in the fall). And lastly… please change your furnace filters often if you are completing a summer home renovation project. Drywall dust and other construction dust can wreak havoc on a furnace when it comes time to start again in the fall! As always, if you have any questions or need our help, please call G.M. Mechanical at 403-652-1282 or visit www.gmmech.net.

We Work on All Brands

G. M. Mechanical is proud to work on all brands, and we are a Premier Lennox Dealer. We are also a dealer in Carrier, Napoleon and Armstrong furnaces.

Armstrong Air

Trusted Furnace Repairs and Installations in Okotoks

G.M. Mechanical offers a range of services and installations to make sure your residential and commercial heating systems are working at their optimum. We can also help with all kinds and makes of cooling, electrical and plumbing systems and can also help you improve indoor air quality. We provide financing options and support for our services in Okotoks and look forward to working with you soon!


Emergency Services

If you need a reliable and trustworthy HVAC service provider for any of your HVAC needs, give us a call.

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