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Trusted Dealers of Garage/Shop Heaters in High River & Okotoks

G.M. Mechanical offers high-quality garage heaters that help you add livable space to your house. We provide only top-quality, energy-efficient heaters that save your time and money on heating bills. Our garage and shop heaters are easy to maintain and allow you to stay warm and cozy in excruciating temperatures. Benefits of garage/shop heaters are:

Keep your vehicles warm so that it is easy to start them during winters

Provide stable temperatures to store liquids and products susceptible to freezing

Allow for a comfortable workspace during cold winter months

Help to maintain warmer temperatures inside the attached home

We have a wide selection of garage heaters and can help you select the right one for your needs at affordable prices. Our financing options let you buy the best heaters for your home without worrying about the budget.

Our Selection of Garage Heaters

G.M. Mechanical is associated with several trusted heater brands in the market. We bring you the best options for all reliable brands. You can rely on us to provide you with a wide selection of garage heaters. We offer you the following types of garage heaters:

Forced Air Garage Heaters:

Much more quiet than the old styles of unit heaters, these provide even temperature distribution and more flexibility while installing. They work on the same principles of a furnace, blowing warm air into the space needing heat. These units can be installed in areas with lower ceilings where a radiant heater will not work. Overall an excellent choice to heat your shop or a garage.

Radiant Garage Heaters:

These heaters do not use a fan to blow warm air.  As a result, they do not blow dust while heating your space.  They have a faster recovery for when you open the garage door and close it as they heat the objects in the room.  These objects then loose their heat to the room space helping with the recovery.  Radiant heat is the most comfortable form of heat to work under and you can keep the space at a lower temperature and still feel comfortable to help save you money on gas.

Lennox LF25 Garage Heater:

These provide up to 83.8% thermal efficiency. The heaters are efficient in warming up space in no time so that your workplace has a hospitable environment to get work done. The heater provides uniform heat distribution, keeping your entire garage cozy and warm. It uses advanced components, such as a tubular heat exchanger to warm up the space.

SRP – Superior Radiant Products:

A complete range of gas-fired low and high-intensity infrared heaters for industrial, commercial, agricultural and residential applications worldwide. They manufacture the most energy-efficient heating solutions in single-stage or two-stage heating, for your garage or workplace. SRP offers another hero for garage heating. The SRP Series GRT is a two-stage garage heater that provides high thermal efficiency. The radiant output of the heater helps you save a huge sum on energy bills. The heater comes with several amazing features like the smart control ready terminal, self-diagnostic ignition module, gas flex connector and more. 

Take a look at our specific products associated with Lennox or Superior Radiant.

Power Up!

Now that you have heat in your garage or shop, let’s get enough outlets and circuits so you can turn a tool on without dimming the lights.

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