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Furnace Replacement Services in High River & Okotoks

Heating and cooling experts, just south of Okotoks, closer to you than Calgary! With G.M. Mechanical by your side, you don't have to worry about high gas bills or furnace replacements and repairs in Okotoks. We offer reliable and affordable furnace repair services in the MD of Foothills and surrounding towns. You have the following benefits with G.M. Mechanical:

A fully insured and licensed company

Employees with a clean criminal record

A programmable thermostat with an option to upgrade

A Journeyman installer — ensuring that all installations are performed safely and correctly

​A properly fabricated plenum adaptor

With Lennox and G.M. Mechanical, you could be eligible for 10 years of parts and labour warranties and lifetime heat exchanger warranty.


So, if you want an inspection of your furnace and home to see what will save you energy and keep you comfortable, contact us for a free quote.

A local company that gives back to the community

When It is Necessary to Replace Your Furnace?

If your furnace isn't functioning properly, you might wonder whether to repair or replace it. Deciding fast is crucial, especially if it breaks down in the middle of winter. To help you decide, here are some points to consider:


  • First, consider the age of your furnace. A typical furnace should last 15-25 years but could require repair at any time prior to the end of its lifecycle.  In this case, the repair cost should not exceed 50% of the cost of a new furnace. If it does, it's best to replace your furnace.

  • Next, think about your energy bills. If your furnace is causing an increase in your energy bills, and it's not due to extreme weather conditions, then it might be time to replace it. Similarly, if you're calling for service repairs frequently, it's a sign that your furnace needs replacement.

  • Another sign to look out for is uneven heating in different parts of your home. If you're experiencing this issue, it could mean that your ductwork isn't designed properly, which may also indicate the need for a furnace that will work better with the ducting it has available.


It's important to note that regular maintenance and servicing can help extend the lifespan of your furnace. However, if you notice any of the above signs, it might be time to consider replacing your furnace. Call us today to learn more about our furnace replacement services in Okotoks or read our FAQs.

Benefits of a Furnace Replacement

Upgrading your furnace comes with the following significant benefits:


Your new furnace can heat your home more evenly, reducing the energy bills that your old furnace was taking up.


Replacing your furnace will improve your home’s ability to circulate air.


New furnace models produce less noise, relieving your ears if you are used to hearing loud noises with an old furnace.


At G.M. Mechanical, our staff will go beyond and suggest options tailored to meet your unique needs and budget. Contact us today to learn about our furnace replacement services in Okotoks.

Lennox Gas Furnace

Lennox offers you a wide selection of furnaces to choose from. We have a Lennox Furnace to suit every need. Their range of high-efficient furnaces include:



It is a single-stage furnace that comes with a high-efficient ECM motor. It offers 96% fuel efficiency along with a constant-torque motor design.



Two-stage, variable speed 96% efficient furnace with an icomfort S30 thermostat. It is a communicating furnace that sends alerts to your cell phone, email or text. We can diagnose the furnace from the office without coming into your house.



Offers you a 2 stage burner with variable speed blower motor which heats a place evenly.



It is a fully modulating furnace with zone systems. It offers the most precise comfort with variable speed, smart system, and communication system same as EL296V.

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Lennox furnace
Merit Series

Joe’s Pick

Joe recommends ML296V Gas Furnace to stay warm inside your house during this winter. The ML296V provides you with the benefits of a 2-stage furnace with a variable-speed blower motor without making a hole in your pocket. The furnace does not have the extra bells and whistles of the EL296V, but is a solid furnace that many of our customers have enjoyed.

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Heat savings

Thinking About Adding Air Conditioning?

Total air conditioning solutions for your home, from central cooling to ductless mini-splits.

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