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Effective Boiler Systems in High River & Okotoks

G.M. Mechanical aims to provide fast and reliable boiler repair services for the residents of the Foothills. So you have a hydronic heating system, now what? The only thing you need to remember is G.M. Mechanical’s phone number. Regardless if it is a new installation, replacement, maintenance or repair, G.M. Mechanical can help you! Boiler systems can be very complicated, but the team at G.M. Mechanical has been working on various types of systems and has years of expertise to keep your system running at its peak efficiency. Standard efficiency or hi-efficiency G.M. Mechanical works on them all. So, if you want an inspection of your boiler and home to see what will save you energy and keep you comfortable, contact us for service, maintenance or a free quote.

Boiler Systems

Common Boiler Problems

Your boiler needs to be in good working condition to effectively do its job. The boiler will fail to keep you warm even if it has a minor issue. A few common problems that you might keep your boiler from being effective are:

A faulty thermostat might cause the boiler to turn on and off randomly

Broken parts which often lead to no heat being generated or leaks

A faulty pressure valve might result in low water levels or low water pressure

Air in the system can cause strange sounds such as banging, whistling or gurgling

Lime and sludge buildup causing reduced water flow, overheated water, or malfunctioning radiators

Worn-out seals or rusting

Frozen boiler pipes outside the property

Gas leakages

G.M. Mechanical sends trained and skilled technicians to your place who can identify and fix all of the above types of problems and more if your boiler stops working or is not running at maximum efficiency.

Boiler Repairs

If you are cold on a winter’s night at 2:00 am because of a faulty boiler, call G.M. Mechanical for the emergency. We're available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for heating repair services. Our licensed and trained technicians will promptly be at your place to repair your heating system and will provide you with a fixed-price quote for repair. You can expect flat-rate options in writing for all different solutions and can choose the best one for you at the time. Whether you live in High River, Okotoks, Turner Valley, Milo or Vulcan, we service all towns around the Foothills. When you call G.M. Mechanical, you can expect:

Top-quality workmanship

Top-quality equipment and materials

Top-quality communication

Great customer service

We offer the following services:

Residential and commercial boiler service

Boiler maintenance (annual or routinely scheduled)

Boiler cleaning (annual or routinely scheduled)

Combustion analysis

Emergency boiler repair

Boiler installation

Boiler repair and replacement

IBC boilers
SL series G3

Joe’s Pick

Joe recommends the tried and tested boilers by IBC. Their wall-mounted SL G3 residential condensing boilers offer unprecedented efficiency. IBC offers a whole range of boilers to suit every need. The boilers are highly efficient and come from a brand that is highly trusted and valued.


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Don’t forget to add fresh air to your home if you have a boiler system!

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