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Modern and Affordable Fireplaces in High River & Okotoks

Gas Fireplaces

G.M. Mechanical offers a wide variety of gas fireplaces in the Foothills and surrounding towns.   Our range of gas furnaces includes slim, linear-shaped, large, small, traditional, and furnaces that can be even enjoyed from more than one room. The best thing about gas fireplaces is that they are highly versatile and can be installed nearly anywhere you wish. Moreover, you need not be dependent on power when using gas fireplaces. They are efficient and safe to use. Gas Fireplaces include:

Direct vent units that vent combustion gasses directly outside

Gas stoves that provide excellent heat to any room

Fireplace inserts that replace existing masonry fireplace openings

If you want a fireplace that looks and feels like a traditional real wood fire but do not want the work or mess, opt for a similar-looking gas fireplace. You can incorporate rocks and crystals for unique ember beds and can create a glittering focal point. We assure you that we will help you with a gas fireplace that takes care of your needs as well as goes well with your decor.

Direct Vent Fireplaces

Ancient Series

Ascent Series

Ascent™ Series Gas Fireplaces are perfect for both homeowners and builders. They add ambiance to any room. This series has a shallow depth that allows you to install it even when the space is limited. It has a clean face design that maximizes the viewing area, allowing you to enjoy the realistic flames and hand-painted PHAZER® log.

Key series features:

Up to 22,000 BTU's

Exclusive PHAZER™ log set and Glowing Ember Bed

Pan Style Burner

Pre-wired for wall switch

Millivolt or electronic ignition

Back-up control system

Vector Series

Vector Series

Napoleon’s Vector™ series of linear gas fireplaces can be fit perfectly into any room. It is the right choice when you want to make a statement. You can easily customize our selection of designer surrounds. The Vector™ Series gas fireplace offers dozens of media options, giving you endless décor possibilities. 

Key series features:

Up to 48,000 BTU's

eFIRE Bluetooth app included


MIRRO-FLAME™ porcelain reflective radiant panels

Ember bed featuring multi-coloured LED lights

Divinity™ flame pattern

Electronic ignition

Gas Stoves

Distinct Stove Series

Distinct Stove Series

The Distinct Series of Gas Stoves is compact, yet powerful. If you have limited space, this is the right product for you. The series offers built-in blowers, a solid-body construction, triple burner system for superior heating efficiency and extra-large heat exchangers. You can easily access the controls of this state-of-the-art gas stove.

Key series features:

Up to 44,000 BTU's

Heat radiating ceramic glass

Presidents limited lifetime warranty

Flame/Heat adjustment

Back-up control system (Havelock™)

Safety screen included

Advanced, triple-burner (Havelock™)

No electricity required (Haliburton™)


100% SAFE GUARD™ gas control system (Haliburton™)

Cast Iron Stove Series

Cast Iron Stove Series

You can expect impressive heating and solid performance from Napoleon's Cast Iron Series Gas Stoves. Along with being a reliable heating source for your home, the classic design of these gas stoves add more charm to your place. Through the European-styled ceramic glass, you can view the PHAZER® log set and brightly glowing ember bed. Each unit has unique curving arches that offer old-world aesthetics. Get a lifetime of comfort and style with these stoves.

Key series features:

Up to 35,000 BTU's

Presidents limited lifetime warranty

Heat radiating ceramic glass

Safety screen included

Majolica Brown

100% SAFE GUARD™ gas control system

Metallic Black

Winter Frost

Realistic, ceramic fiber, light-weight molded PHAZER® log set (Castlemore™, Bayfield™, Arlington™)

PHAZERMATIC™ burner system (Castlemore™, Bayfield™, Arlington™)

No electricity required (Arlington™)

Glowing NIGHT LIGHT™ (Castlemore™, Bayfield™)

Flame/Heat adjustment (Castlemore™, Bayfield™, Arlington™)

MIRRO-FLAME™ porcelain reflective radiant rear panel (Arlington™)

ACS (Anti-Condensation Switch) (Knightsbridge™)

Gas Inserts

Oakville Series

Oakville Series

Featuring a robust H-style burner, the Oakville™ Series Gas Inserts provide a brilliant display of flames throughout the firebox. These gas inserts are easy to install. You will find a multitude of designer accessories that allow you to create different styles. A large viewing area and a clean face design make the Oakville™ Series aesthetically appealing. There is no doubt about its performance and reliability.

Key series features:

Up to 40,000 BTU's

Stunning Triple Flame (X4)+

Exclusive dual burner split flow system allows for full modulation of both front and rear burners

from 16,000 up to 40,000 BTU’s (X4)

High Performance “H” Style Burner Provides Complete Firebox Width Flame Display (3, X3)

Clean Face Design And Flush Finish Accessories

Full view design with massive 518 sq. in. viewing area

SIT Proflame II electronic ignition

Exclusive NIGHT LIGHT™ included

Premium clean face safety barrier maximizes viewing area

Directional baffles increase air flow for maximum blower efficiency

Clean contemporary faceplates and backerplates available

Superior heat circulating blower included

Wide range of media kits, brick panels and porcelain panels available (3, X3, X4)

MIRRO-FLAME™ porcelain reflective radiant panels available (G3)

Optional faceplates 2.5" and 5" widths, in 3-sided or 4-sided configurations (X4)

eFIRE enabled with app (X4)

Remote control included (X4)

45' vent kit available (X4)

Riser box and cast iron surround available (3)

Joe’s Pick

Napoleon fireplace

Joe recommends the Distinct Series of gas stoves by Napoleon. Their compact stature makes them an apt choice for small spaces. The Distinct Series gas stoves contain built-in blowers, extra-large heat exchangers and have easily accessible controls. These stoves are highly heat-efficient. Although they have been around for ages, they still have not gone out of style! The solid-body construction and triple burner system make them a superior choice.

Check out our list of specific products associated with Napoleon:


We Have Several Options

Choose from the many available options of fireplaces or get in touch with us to know more.

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