GM Mechanical

Wells, Pumps and Pressure Systems

Your source for well water pumps and pre-pressurized water storage tanks plus agricultural pumps and wastewater pumps (sump/sewage pumps)

Goulds Water Technology

Water Systems from Goulds
“The most reliable, trouble-free, high performance pumps you can buy”

Residential Water
Home water supply from wells or municipal water, pressure boosting submersible and surface pumps and controls.

Residential Wastewater
Sump, effluent and sewage pumps, panels and accessories designed for residential applications.

Pump and control systems for irrigation, stockwater, wash systems, cooling systems & waste management.

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Franklin Electric

Franklin Electric Pumps
for Submersible and Above Ground Water Systems Applications

Franklin Electric offers a full line of pumps for submersible and above ground water systems applications. Typical installations for their pumps include residential clean water, residential wastewater, light commercial, agricultural, irrigation & Industrial, and municipal systems. 

With their merger with "Jacuzzi Pumps", they now make one of the best submersible pumps on the market.  This coupled with their constant pressure systems makes for a great product, ultimately with the end user in mind.

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Wellrite Water Tanks

Designed for premium water system applications


Flexcon Industries Pressure Tanks
Innovation in Product Design and Application

Flexcon Industries is a leading manufacturer of pre-pressurized diaphragm water storage tanks for water well, pressure boosting, irrigation, reverse osmosis, heating, and thermal applications.

Flexcon was founded on a patent protected innovative pressure tank design that separates air and water seals and holds the water in a controlled action diaphragm system. Its premier line of pressure tanks are manufactured in both steel and composite (fibreglass) materials and provide unparalleled design and superior performance.

Find out how you can have the worlds freshest water from your well system...

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