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Water Heating / Water Conditioning

GM Mechanical is your source for water treatment products and systems including water softeners, water filters, drinking water systems, reverse osmosis systems and water heaters.

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Petwa Water Treatment Systems
If you have a water quality problem, chances are we will have the solution for you

Petwa is a Canadian company focused on improving the quality of water for all of our customers.  Petwa operates across Canada, servicing the rapidly growing residential and commercial water treatment industries.

Water Softeners
Clothes are softer, cleaner, brighter, and last longer. Dishes are cleaner, with less soap and hard water spotting. Tubs, showers, and sinks are easier to clean, thanks to reduced hard water build-up. Soft water will feel noticeably smoother to your skin.

Water Filters
Protect your water heater, household plumbing, and appliances with a Petwa water filter. Petwa filtration systems reduces the undesirable tastes and odours in your water and also removes the suspended particles that can give your water a cloudy appearance and damage plumbing and appliances. Save yourself time and money on cleaning when you install a Petwa filtration system in your home.

Drinking Water Systems
People everywhere have discovered the healthy benefits of drinking more water. A steady, dependable supply of crystal-clear, great tasting water is a benefit that you and your family will appreciate.

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Bradford White

Bradford White Water Heaters
Built to be the Best

While there is no single water heater perfect for every residential or commercial application, Bradford White takes a measure of pride in the ability to say that they offer the solution to any water heating need you may encounter. In a very real sense, Bradford White is the solution to all your water heating needs.

They offer an extensive line of residential, commercial and industrial water heaters and also manufacture combination space heating equipment based on a tank-type design. Bradford White’s expertise in water heating includes gas, electric, oil, solar and indirectly powered models.

This vast experience, coupled with a responsive infrastructure, allows them to be extremely flexible. That means Bradford White does change direction, when events dictate, to meet and exceed the requirements of their customers and their customers’ customers.

They offer a full gamut of products from which to choose and strive to give you an honest assessment of the benefits of each product they offer and allow you to decide the best solution for your needs.

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Water Group

WaterGroup Water Treatment and Pump Products

Since 1968, WaterGroup has manufactured and distributed water treatment and pump products across Canada and the USA through plumbing and heating wholesale distribution. GM Mechanacial now offers a range of WaterGroup products. Please contact us for more information.

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