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4 Ways to Keep Your Heating and Cooling Costs Under Control

HVAC technician inspecting heating system.

Energy bills are getting increasingly expensive, to the point that some people are starting to live in discomfort for the sake of affording their electricity. One in ten Canadians spends more than 10% of their income on just to heat and cool their homes.

This is why it's important to do everything you can to reduce your energy bills! Keep reading to learn the top four ways you can keep your heating and cooling costs under control.

1. Regular Maintenance of the HVAC System

Regular maintenance keeps your HVAC system operating smoothly. Servicing your heating and cooling system includes clearing out any dust and debris, tightening anything that has loosened over time, and replacing anything that has broken.

When small problems, if left unchecked, make your HVAC system less efficient. This means it needs more energy to heat your home or cool your home than it does when it's recently serviced.

You can learn more about our residential maintenance program here.

2. Use Smart Technology

One of the best ways to create an energy-efficient home is by optimizing your devices to your needs. Using smart temperature control on your HVAC system is a great way to do this.

These smart devices automatically manage the heating and cooling in your home.

For example, in summer months they'll adjust temperatures to keep your home cooler during the middle of the day when it is hottest. Instead of wasteful energy use once it starts cooling down, the temperature will automatically reduce with the environment.

3. Keep Doors and Windows Closed During Winter

As Canada's average temperature has risen over the last few years, it means longer and warmer summer months. This means people get in the habit of leaving their windows and doors open to allow air through the home.

But once the temperature starts dropping in winter, it's helpful to break this habit quickly. Leaving the doors and windows open in winter lets the warmer air flow right out of your house.

You can further save energy with your natural airflow by opening your curtains wide in the morning. This lets sunshine into your house and warms the air inside.

4. Portable Heaters and Fans

If you're spending most of your day in only one or two spots in the house, invest in portable heaters or standing fans. These devices only control the temperature of small areas.

But this means they use a lot less energy than the HVAC system. Instead of using your HVAC to cool your entire house or even an entire room, you can simply use a portable heater or fan to control the small area you're spending time in.

Reducing Your Home's Heating and Cooling Costs in


Heating and cooling costs are getting more expensive every year. You can reduce these costs with a few energy-saving tips.

Make sure you've got regularly scheduled maintenance for your HVAC system. You can also help manage temperatures with smart technology and by opening or closing doors and windows as needed.

Contact G.M. Mechanical for all your home heating and cooling needs!




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