GM Mechanical

Residential Planned Maintenance

For Heating, Cooling and Water Conditioning Equipment

How often do you get the oil changed in your car?  It is almost common knowledge that vehicles need to have their oil changed every 5000 km and failure to do so could void your warranty.  The heating, cooling and water conditioning equipment in your house is no different.

Furnace Maintenance & Service

The average life of a furnace is approximately 25 years.  This number is only accurate when the furnace is properly maintained.  At G.M. Mechanical we can ensure that your furnace has the best possible chance of making it to 25 years old and beyond.  Warranty is also a big issue.  If your furnace is still under the warranty coverage period but has not been serviced by a qualified technician, your warranty may be void.  If you do not have records of regular maintenance, you may have to pay a costly repair bill yourself.

Residential Plannied Maintenance Program

G.M. Mechanical is providing a Planned Maintenance program.  When you sign up for G.M. Mechanical’s Planned Maintenance program, you no longer have to remember every year to get your HVAC equipment serviced.  The staff at G.M. Mechanical will call you every year as a reminder to set up an appointment in an effort to get as much life out of your equipment as possible.

G.M. Mechanical provides service for other equipment as well, including; furnaces, air conditioners, humidifiers, hot water tanks, water softeners, RO units, gas fireplaces, tankless water heaters and garage heaters.

For further information on this program please feel free to call Joe McCormick @ (403) 652 1282 or Register online.  G.M. Mechanical, service you can count on, when you need it!

Residential Price List

$119.00 Furnace Service   Separate Costs
Bundle Prices (with Furnace Service)   $ 149.00 Central Air Conditioner
$ 119.00 Central Air Conditioner   $   99.00 Hot Water Tank
$   29.00 Flow Through Humidifier   $   99.00 Softener (Customer Owned)
 $   49.00 Hot Water Tank   $ 149.00 RO Unit (C/W Filters) (Customer Owned)
 $   49.00 Softener (Customer Owned)   $ 119.00 Gas Fireplace
 $   79.00 RO Unit (C/W Filters) (Customer Owned)   $ 149.00 Demand Water Heater
$   99.00 Gas Fireplace   $   99.00 Garage Heater (Radiant or Forced Air)
$   99.00 Demand Water Heater  

Commercial HVAC Maintenance
G.M. Mechanical also offers maintenance
on commercial equipment as well. 
Please call for specialized pricing. 

$   59.00 Garage Heater (Radiant or Forced Air)  
$   99.00 Second Furnace