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Tired of high gas bills? Tired of being cold at home? Tired of worrying about your furnace breaking down? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, it might be time for a new furnace.

What do you get when you choose GM Mechanical?

  • A well know company that has been in the foothills since 1991
  • A fully insured and licensed company
  • A Journeyman installer — ensuring that all installations are performed safely and correctly
  • Employees with a clean criminal record
  • Winter cover with air conditioner
  • A programmable thermostat
  • A properly fabricated plenum adaptor
  • Merv10 Filtration system —
    provides effective filtration to make your home's air healthier

GM Mechanical is a company that is based around service so you know that we will still be here when YOU need us!

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Lennox Gas Furnaces
Innovation never felt so good

With a large line of furnaces available, you can find the Lennox Furnace that is right for you. They offer a range of hi-efficient furnaces. They have your single stage 95% efficient furnace (ML195), a single stage 95% with a high efficient blower motor (EL195E), our biggest seller, the two stage, variable speed 96% efficient furnace (EL296V) and of course proof that Lennox is the leader of innovation, the Modulating Furnace (SLP98V).

Lennox also has a range of hi-efficient furnaces for retro-fit applications only.  These furnaces can help control household humidity, air quality and most importantly comfort.  Shouldn’t you feel comfortable in your own home? You can with a Lennox System


ML195 Furnace

95% Efficient
1 Stage
Single Speed Blower
5 Year Parts
Average Sound


EL195E Furnace

95% Efficient
1 Stage
Multispeed Blower
5 Year Parts


EL296E Furnace

96% Efficient
2 Stage
Multispeed Blower
5 Year Parts


EL296V Furnace

96% Efficient
2 Stage
Variable Speed Blower
5 Year Parts
Very Quiet


SLP98V Furnace

98% Efficient
Variable Speed Blower
10 Year Parts
Most Quiet

All models

* All Lennox Furnaces above are Energy Star qualified and have limited lifetime heat exchanger warranties.
* The prices noted are typical replacement costs including labour (does not cover all situations).  



Health Climate® Whole-Home Bypass Humdifier

Effective, whole-house humidity control

Pure Air™

Pure Air Filter

Upgrade to the Pure Air™ Air Purification System

A/C Coil

Air Conditioning Coil

Get Prepped for A/C by installing the coil now

Napoleon Heating and Cooling

9600 Series Gas Furnace

The Napoleon 9600 Series Gas Furnace is one of the most stylish and efficient furnaces on the market. Available with either a two stage variable speed EnerSave Plus motor, or EnerSave Pro motor, Napoleon’s 9600 Series furnace will meet all your heating needs.

The 9600 Series uses the first, low-fire stage for greater efficiency throughout the heating season. During colder days, the furnace automatically switches to the high fire, second stage to produce additional heat for your home. This effective two stage system is like having two furnaces in one. Napoleon’s superior engineering and design guarantees consistent and comfortable temperatures throughout your home for many winters to come. With the 9600 Series furnace, you’ll forget it’s winter.

  • Whisper quiet
  • 40,000 – 120,000 BTU'S
  • Up to 96% AFUE

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Superior Radiant Products

Superior Radiant Heaters
Gas Fired, High and Low Intensity Infrared Space Heating

Superior Technology, Superior Performance

Superior Radiant Products is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of energy efficient infrared heating solutions and is dedicated to providing superior technology and superior performance. Located in U.S.A., Canada and China, SRP offers a complete range of gas fired low and high intensity infrared heaters for industrial, commercial, agricultural and residential applications worldwide.

Do you have a building application and are not sure which product is the best choice? View Superior's FAQ section...

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